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June 4th 9am-5pm


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Maryland HQL/Utah CFP:               

6/02 HQL

6/16 HQL 

Maryland & DC Concealed Carry

6/24 & 6/25 MD/DC Initial

6/24 MD/DC Renewal


Concealed Carry Skill Development (Shoot/Don't Shoot):  June 4th/June 18th

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What makes us different?


What qualifies us to teach you?


Where are we located?

Where are we located?

Rockville Location 5465 Randolph Rd Suite A-C Rockville MD 20852 (United Gun Shop)

Will fingerprinting be availabe at my course?

At each of our courses a Live Scan fingerprint vendor will be on site. We also have the abilty to print FBI print cards for the other states that require hard copy cards.

What do I need to bring to my course?

About a week prior to your scheduled course we will send out an email with all of the necessary course details. If you have a specific quesiton about your course don't hesitate to call us!

Do I qualify for a Concealed Carry Permit?

Maryland requires one to provide "Substantial Reasoning". Whether you own a business, are a partner, manage a company/organization, manage property, perform realtor services, or handle finances of a business, there are numerous ways to qualify for a permit in Maryland. Give us a call and we'll guide you through the qualification process if you have any questions.

What are Shooting Events/Parties?

Tired of the same old special events/parties? Whether its a corporate teambuilding event, birthday party, charity event, or any other reason to party, we have the ability to give you a completely unique event. If your group is full of beginners or experience shooters, we have the ability to build an event just for you. Give us a shout if you have any questions.

"This class was amazing!  They took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable and answered every question you could think of." -Jessica

"It was a great class!  I learned a lot and enjoyed the hands on practice before going to the range.  The range was nice, private, and very comfortable setting."  -Tiffany 

Simply put; pay less for your training needs while learning from instructors who understand the latest evolutions in the training industry!

"I learned more in a one hour lesson with LTTC Safety than I had learned in years of range experience." -Erick