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Next MD/DC CCW Course 5/16 5/17 (full) 5/30 & 5/31 (register now) 
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Maryland HQL/Utah CFP:              

5/29  &  6/12

MD & DC Concealed Carry 2 Day:

5/30  &  5/31

MD & DC Renewal:

5/2  &  5/24 (renewal)


About Us


What makes us different?


What qualifies us to teach you?


Where are we located?

  • Where are we located?
    5465 Randolph Rd Suite A-C Rockville MD 20852 (United Gun Shop)
  • Will fingerprinting be availabe at my course?
    At each of our courses a Live Scan fingerprint vendor will be on site. We also have the abilty to print FBI print cards for the other states that require hard copy cards.
  • What do I need to bring to my course?
    About a week prior to your scheduled course we will send out an email with all of the necessary course details. If you have a specific quesiton about your course don't hesitate to call us!
  • Do I qualify for a Concealed Carry Permit?
    Thanks to the most recent Supreme Court Ruling, everyone in Maryland now qualified for a CCW permit. You obviously need to take the training and pass a background, but they have effectively removed the substantial reasoning requirement. Give us a call and we'll guide you through the qualification process if you have any questions.
  • What can prohibit me from the HQL/CCW license?
    If you have any questions regarding the following: Criminal Background Citizenship Possessing Medical Marijuana Card Mental Illness Diagnoses You will need to contact the state police directly as we cannot give a clear answer to each and every specific case. Contact the state police at

"This class was amazing!  They took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable and answered every question you could think of." -Jessica

"It was a great class!  I learned a lot and enjoyed the hands on practice before going to the range.  The range was nice, private, and very comfortable setting."  -Tiffany 

Simply put; pay less for your training needs while learning from instructors who understand the latest evolutions in the training industry!

"I learned more in a one hour lesson with LTTC Safety than I had learned in years of range experience." -Erick

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