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Recently I was given the opportunity to take one of LTTC's wear and carry courses. As a competent shooter I was not expecting to learn much from the course. That's where I was wrong, being taught by active duty LEO's allows you to get a different perspective than you typically would. Especially from a CCW or home defense standpoint. Hearing how LEO's interact with law abiding gun owners during various situations is invaluable information. Overall, If you are looking to get quality firearms training from highly qualified instructors LTTC is the place to go.

-Brian N

As a father of three, I wanted to expand my knowledge of firearms particularly as my wife and I consider purchasing handguns for safety and recreational purposes.  LTTC Safety has developed the ideal HQL Course administered by experienced instructors who provide a straight forward and thorough understanding of handgun safety.  If your looking to fulfill the handgun training requirements for Maryland's HQL, you can count on LTTC Safety to deliver a solid, well prepared, and engaging course.  

-Matt K

Awesome training session Jonathan!!  You and Shawn did a great job and really made it more than "ok now I can get a handgun".  I left with a real respect for safety, scenario awareness, and a plan to become more knowledgeable.  You guys did law enforcement a real justice in your character.  Thanks again!  


I enrolled in LTTC'S Maryland Wear & Carry Course and they far surpassed the classes, instructors, and hands-on range training of the firearm training schools I've attended.  Not only was their instruction catered to each students differences, but the information was relevant to us.  We all left the course with the physical and mental fundamentals to identify a potential threat and to defend ourselves. 

-Jeremy W


Let me start by saying I had never fired a gun before taking this class. I recently took the HQL class along with my brother and a mutual friend. It was a great experience for all of us. Jon conducted the entire classroom portion of the course in the comfort of my brother's house. He is very knowledgeable and his presentation of the materials was lively and entertaining and we had a lot of back and forth discussions. All of us walked away with a deeper knowledge of gun safety and about the different types of guns. Jon was good at working individually with each of us based on our experience. As a novice, he made me feel comfortable handling these weapons and I am looking forward to getting more range time. I highly recommend Jon and his HQL class.

-Mark R

I took the HQL class and I recommend it to both beginners and experienced. Both of the instructors were dedicated to safety in the class and even though I was at beginners level, I never felt uncomfortable. Jonathan's instructions on applying for the HQL license was a very informative.

-Linda M


While I have been to a gun range before, I have always been very nervous when it comes to shooting. Even still, I have made a point to push past my uneasiness by continuing to try. My boyfriend and I came for the class and totally enjoyed it. I felt like I received helpful information on how to safely own and use a firearm. It's great for the novice and the well trained.


I never took any handgun courses before. Valuable course and information learned much about basic safety and handgun care and handling. I took this course to obtain my HQL. The instructors made this training interesting and informative it was easy to understand. Definitely I will recommend it to friends. Thank you very much.


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