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LTTC Safety Consulting, LLC, formed in 2015, is a company
consisting of active Law Enforcement Officers. Our instructors
have over 50combined years of law enforcement experience. All
of our instructors have taught or are teaching at local police
academies. We possess all of the required Maryland/DC/Utah firearms 
related certifications. We offer the Maryland HQL certification course for 

beginners to the veteran gun owners, who may not have handled
their guns in years. Our educational firearm safety courses
will provide you and your family the necessary tools to promote
the safest environment in your home. You will gain the confidence
needed to use your firearms safely. So, if you're looking for a safe 
and comfortable environment for you and your children to learn 
how to safely handle a firearm, we have a course for you.
We look forward to the opportunity to educate you and your family
on firearms and related safety matters. 

Our Family...
Our purpose is not defined in our shop, United Gun Shop, or any training program.  As a family, our faith in Jesus Christ is more important to us than anything else.  You will see and feel our dedication and energy in every class we teach.  We love people and truly look forward to giving you a training environment that is honest, caring, and an experience you won't forget.  We have 5 children ranging from 25 something down to 3.  Our children are active participants in much of what we do, and many of you have met some of them in the shop.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to blend the law enforcement training community with civilians and will make the most of every one of those opportunities.     
We offer age appropriate firearm instruction with a hands on approach to learning, all done in a private, unintimidating, comfortable setting different than traditional classes taught at local ranges. Our instructors truly understand an ever changing training environment as training continues to evolve. Our instructors love what they do, but more importantly practice what they teach in real life.  This isn't a hobby for us...We are what we teach.  If you want minimum standards and a quick box checked, that's not what we're about.  We pride ourselves in offering training standards that far exceed the state minimum guidelines.   
Our vision is to provide an educational venue to help you gain the necessary education and training in order to promote a safe firearm environment for you and your family. To give you the necessary means to help you obtain your firearm permits to protect yourself, your family, and your home according to The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
My wife and I have five children in our home, so safety is paramount to us. A huge amount of families have a firearm hidden in their home, and don't share with the children the importance of gun safety. They simply hope for the best, rather than adequately educate their children about the importance of what to do if they come across a gun {DON'T TOUCH IT! RUN AWAY FROM IT! TELL AN ADULT YOU TRUST!}. It's so important to teach our children how to handle firearms safely in all situations. Our goal is to promote safe firearm education for all in order for users to obtain their license for their protection, if ever needed, and to be able to enjoy the recreational use of firearms.
Our Courses are held at 5465 Randolph Rd  Rockville Maryland (The United Gun Shop). We have an exclusive area at two locations we utilize to create a training environment that is distraction free. We have access to several ranges, both indoor and outdoor in the Rockville area (weather permitting and availability pending).  


" We look forward to meeting you and helping you define your goals, complete the necessary training, gain required certifications, and put your skills to use! "   -Jonathan Bennett, Owner  

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