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Multi-State Conceal Carry Course

(Utah Non-Resident Permit)  

The Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course is a 4 hour course that consists of classroom training only.  The Utah Concealed Carry Permit allows the permit holder to carry their firearm concealed in 30+ states.  (These states may change at any time. It is up to the individual permit holder to check the Utah’s Bureau of Criminal Identification’s website for an updated list.


Why would I get this permit if I can’t use it in MD?

  • You will be able to carry a firearm concealed in over 30 states in the U.S.

  • People are usually the most vulnerable when they travel. They   tend to carry more money, and could potentially      end up in high crime areas when they are unfamiliar with the surroundings.

  • May have second home in another state

  • Family that they visit often in another state

  • Travel often for work

  • Because it's your right!​

This course costs $90.00 and includes:

  • Firearm Safety & Fundamental Lecture

  • Utah Law Lecture

  • Fingerprinting

  • CD containing entire lecture

  • Application stamped by a Utah Certified Instructor

In addition to this fee, the applicant must include with their application a $49.00 fee that is paid directly to The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. This fee is not needed at the time of the class.

The permit usually takes approximately 60 days to receive once sent to Utah.

This Permit is good for 5 YEARS


Minimum Requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older


  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • Completion of Utah Course

  • * A criminal background check will be conducted on all applicants*

If the state that you reside in is one of the listed reciprocating states, you must have your state’s carry permit before applying for the Utah permit. (For instance, if you are a Virginia resident, you will need to have a Virginia carry permit before you are eligible to apply for the Utah Permit.)

Maryland is not one of these states, so this would not apply to Maryland residents.



Scheduled Course Dates:   1/28  2/11 am/pm

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