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Private Party & Corporate Events 


Interested in a fun event for you and your guests?  

Do you want to give your clients an evening they will

never forget?  Want a night or afternoon of shooting

fun but not sure where to start?  Let us plan,

organize,and supervise an event full of shooting fun!  

We have over 40 types of firearms that you and your

guests can fire.  From sniper rifles, to revolvers, to fully automatic firearms, we have the arsenal for you.  


We have numerous types of "shooting games" we can supervise.  Whether its shooting at balloons, moving targets, bottles, or stationary paper targets, your guests will be entertained.  Need competition built into the event...we've got you covered.  The possibilities are endless.  

Packages Include: 

  • Safety Brief and Firearm Demonstration In Classroom Setting
  • Certified Firearm Instructors To Monitor The Event 
  • Catering Options
  • 40+ Firearms To Choose From
  • Interactive Games
  • Ballistic Demonstration 
  • One-On-One Instruction
Packages can be tailored any way you wish.  Casual group or full blown
corporate event, we will customized an event for you.  Contact us directly
and we'll take care of you and your guests.   





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