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Adult Firearms Safety  (AFS)
Do you own a gun and feel a bit uncomfortable around firearms? There is no need to be uncomfortable.  After completing this course you will be confident and have a thorough understanding of firearms and how to handle them safely. The AFS Class will cover the following topics:
  • The Cardinal Rules of Safety
  • Storage and Handling 
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Basic/Intermediate Nomenclature Pistols
  • Basic/intermediate Nomenclature Long Guns
  • Ballistics
  • Hands on Practical Exercises
  • Proper Shooting Fundamentals
  • Maryland Firearms Related Laws
This class is open to adults and mature adolescents.  
Any minor attending the class much be accompanied by a legal guardian.  
  • $65 per student 
  • Total course time 4 hrs (class/range)
  • Lunch will be provided
  • A live fire range class is available after completion of the 2.5 hour AFS Class session, however not required
  • Minimum students 5/max 12
Scheduled course dates:   3/1
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